It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting for a weekend or plan to never leave, Warsaw nightlife truly offers something for everyone. The capital city of Poland is undoubtedly its biggest and brightest – which can be a little off-putting for first-time visitors.
This guide was prepared with our local knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your visit. We’ve taken a unique approach by breaking down the nightlife in Warsaw by season! If you’ve ever been to Warsaw at different times of the year, then you’ll understand just how much this incredible city changes.
Here’s how we will break it down;

  • The best spots in summer
  • Where to go in winter
  • Warsaw nightlife all year round

Warsaw nightlife in summer

We might be a little biased but Warsaw nightlife in summer is incredible! The weather is hot (but not too hot), the beer gardens are open and thriving, and the vibe of the city is on another level. Below are our top picks for an awesome night out in Warsaw in summer. Check out Momondo’s Warsaw Guide for more travel inspiration.

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Drinking outdoors

Warsaw really takes it to another level during summer and a big part of that is the opportunity to drink outdoors. When Spring comes around, these awesome venues burst into life and are some of the best spots to enjoy Warsaw nightlife during the summer! Here’s our top picks:

Luna Park

On your next visit to Warsaw, Luna Park simply cannot be overlooked. Situated on the Eastern side of the river near Praga, Luna Park is an absolute must visit over the summer months. Come here to sample some delicious international street food or drink and party the night away on one of their themed dance floors. If that’s not enough, there’s arcade games and a free mini golf course!

Source: Luna Park Facebook

Na lato

Na Lato comes alive during summer. Literally translating to ‘summertime’, Na Lato is one of our favourite spots during the summer. One of the best things about this place is the massive outdoor area which is surrounded by parks every which way you look! Enjoy a cold drink while you soak up the rays or party the night away. Oh and if you’re hungry, Na Lato has an awesome menu to satisfy every taste.

Source: Na Lato Facebook

Vistula (Wisła) river

The city of Warsaw is built on the beautiful Wisła river. In summer, the river is a hotspot for local revellers and tourists alike – partying and drinking the night away. You can either BYOB and grab a spot along the riverbanks or check out one (or many) of the river bars and clubs that line the foreshore. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to go, we’ve got our top picks right here:

Dziki Brzeg

Dziki brzeg is an open air nightclub that serves delicious Mexican food by Burrito Papas. This spot is frequented by hoards of people during the summer who are looking for a refreshing drink and some quality tunes. If you’re not up for dancing then you can relax on one of the deck chair on their man made beach!

Source: Dziki Brzeg Facebook

Barka Warszawska DZIEŃ I NOC

A little further down the river (past the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge to be exact) you’ll find Barka Warszawska DZIEŃ I NOC. The resto bar is situated on a stationary barge, docked on the river. This place is great for celebrations, events, or just a cheeky burger and beer on a hot summer’s afternoon. It’s also the meeting point for the Warsaw Boat Party each Saturday, so you can come here for a beer before the party starts!

Source: Dzien i Noc

Warsaw Boat Party

What summer night would be complete without a trip aboard the famous Warsaw Boat Party. Setting sail every Saturday evening, you’ll be treated to 2 hours unlimited vodka, rum, gin, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks as you cruise down the river. Onboard there’s a live DJ, professional photographer, magician, drinking games, plus loads more. After the party, your wristband will get you into one of Warsaw’s best late night spots – Room13. An awesome way to get to spend a night out or celebrate your bachelorette party night in style!

Source: Warsaw Boat Party Facebook

Warsaw nightlife in Winter

Ah winter, the leaves have fallen and the cold is set in – those epic summer nights will have to wait until the snow melts and the sun returns. Fortunately, Warsaw nightlife is as vibrant and exciting throughout winter as it is during summer – you just need to know where to go!

Mazowiecka street (ul. Mazowiecka)

OK, we know. What does a street have anything to do with partying in Warsaw during winter? Well, it’s not the asphalt road or the cement footpath that we’re talking about when we mention the infamous Mazowiecka street.
Anyone who knows Warsaw will certainly know about this mecca of Warsaw nightlife. An array of epic nightclubs and bars line the street, so you will be spoilt for choice. Although you’ll likely find yourself here at some point during a night out during summer, we’ve placed it in the winter category because when all those outdoor bars close down and it gets too cold to drink by the river, this street really comes alive. Here are our top picks:

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Enklawa is one of Warsaw’s finest nightclubs. You’re sure to have an unforgettable night of partying here as they play a mix of house, dance, and electronic music. Rent a table that overlooks the dance floor (complete with bottle service), or just dance until your feet let out. This is one of our regular stops on the Warsaw Crawl, and for good reason. It’s beloved by tourists and locals alike!

Source: Enklawa Facebook


Ritual is a classy establishment that offers a unique experience. Enjoy a refreshing beverage and a delicious Shisha pipe as you get set in for the night. There’s tonnes of private areas to reserve for you and your friends, where you can kick back or rest after a boogie on the dance floor. Open 5 days a week, this is the perfect setting for some after work drinks or full-blown weekend shenanigans!

Source: Ritual Facebook

Sketch nite

Sketch is a venue that’s made for the weekend – quite literally because it’s only open on Friday and Saturday evenings. This place is popular among a wide variety of people because it offers something for everyone. A visit to Warsaw’s famed Mazowiecka street wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Sketch Nite. Make sure you get here early because the line gets long!

Source: Sketch NITE Facebook

Christmas markets

You cannot come to Warsaw over winter without a trip to the famous Christmas markets. Located in the Old Town (Stare Miasto), this is one of the best things to do in Warsaw over the Christmas period. Built around a large ice skating rink, you can enjoy a warm cup of mulled wine and sample some delicious local cuisine while you listen to Christmas carols or check out one of the many boutique souvenir shops.

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Warsaw nightlife all year round

Some places in Warsaw are special because they offer something unique all year round. While we’ve already covered the best Warsaw nightlife has to offer during summer and winter, here are our top picks for visiting any time of the year:

Lolek Grill & Bar

Lolek Grill & Bar is awesome because it offers something truly distinct – no matter the time of year. Located smack bang in one of Warsaw’s most beautiful green areas, Pole Mokotowskie, Lolek Grill & Bar is a must see on your next visit. During summer, you can chill outside in the awesome beer garden or take in some live music in their semi-open area stage out back. Over Winter, enjoy the cozy ambiance and comfort food while you take in a match on one of the huge screens or projectors.

Source: Lolek Bar & Grill Facebook

Teatro Cubano Warsaw

Teatro Cubano is Warsaw’s go-to reggaeton and Spanish music club. This venue is great because it offers a summer vibe even during winter! The place is huge, with multiple dance floors, bars, private areas, and a full size humidor where you can sample some authentic cuban cigars. Even on the coldest of winter nights, you will still feel those sultry summer vibes, as you salsa dance with a delicious mojito in hand.

Source: Teatro Cubano Warsaw Facebook

Elektrownia Powiśle

Elektrownia Powiśle is Warsaw’s latest and coolest venue. This massive shopping and office complex is topped off by their food hall, where you can sample some amazing international cuisine. You may be thinking, why would I come here for a night out? Well, the food hall also comes with two bars that’ll serve you anything from a cold beer to an old-fashion. Kick off your night here with some tasty grub or drink with your friends all night long! Elektrownia Powiśle is great any time of the year. During summer, there’s outdoor seated areas where you can socialise with your friends. In winter, come inside where the temperature is warm and the vibe is special.

Source: Elektrownia Powiśle Facebook

Final word

The city of Warsaw is on the rise. Locals have known for years how incredible this place is but the rest of the world is starting to take notice. No matter what time of the year you visit, Warsaw nightlife offers something unique for everyone. So quit stalling and come and check it out for yourself! If you’re looking for more things to do in Warsaw, check out this great guide to Warsaw. Also check out this guide of scams to watch out for.

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