Warsaw, the vibrant capital of Poland, offers a thrilling and diverse nightlife scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for trendy bars, pulsating nightclubs, or unique experiences, Warsaw has it all. 

Here are the dos and don’ts for a night on the town to help you navigate the exciting nightlife of Warsaw and avoid traps and scams.

Do’s of Warsaw Nightlife

#1 Explore the Vodka Bars 

Warsaw is home to numerous vodka bars showcasing the country’s rich culture. You can’t say you’ve been to Poland without doing some vodka shots. 

Sample a variety of flavours and enjoy the lively atmosphere, here at the 9 best shot bars in Warsaw.

#2 Try with Locals

Warsaw is a cosmopolitan city with a friendly and diverse population. Engage with the locals, as most Warsaw residents speak English, and are friendly to foreigners, so feel free to strike up a conversation. 

Learning a few basic Polish phrases can also go a long way in impressing the locals. 

#3 Tip the Bar Staff  

It’s not customary to leave a tip for bar staff in Poland, but it’s always appreciated. Show appreciation for their service by leaving a few zlotys as a tip. This gesture will undoubtedly be well-received and may even result in extra attentive service throughout the night.

#4 Indulge in Traditional Polish Cuisine

After a night of revelry, treat yourself to a late-night snack featuring traditional Polish cuisine instead of a greasy Kebab. 

Warsaw offers a range of options, from pierogi (dumplings) to zapiekanka (a Polish-style baguette pizza). These delicious treats will satisfy your cravings and ensure you wake up feeling satisfied the next day.

#5 Experience the Nightlife Hotspots 

Warsaw boasts a variety of nightlife hotspots that cater to different tastes. There’s something for everyone, from trendy rooftop bars to underground techno clubs. 

Some popular areas to explore include:

  •  The bustling Nowy Świat Street. – This main street runs through the Old Town and has many excellent cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s also a great place to walk along and enjoy Warsaw’s grand architecture and bustling vibe.
  • The edgy Praga district. – This area was previously full of run-down buildings. It was considered a rough and dangerous place to visit, but it has now become one of the city’s hot spots. It hosts various live music venues, cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Luna Park – This crazy looking place combines a theme park, beach bar, night club and food hall. It’s the one-stop spot you can spend all day and all night.
  •  Enjoy the Riverfront Boulevards and Powiśle District – Warsaw is situated along the Vistula River, which offers a picturesque backdrop for nightlife activities. It’s illegal to drink in public in Warsaw except at some parts of the river, and along the river, you can find many great beach bars, clubs, floating restaurants and pop-up shops.
  • Mazowiecka Street – This is the place to go if you’re looking to party all night long, it is one street filled with all sorts of clubs and bars that are open all night long.

#6 Visit one of the Many Food Halls

Warsaw is famous for its many food halls, and you can find something for any taste.

#7 Get ShipFaced at the Warsaw Boat Party

A weekend in Warsaw would only be complete with joining the Warsaw Boat Party. It runs every Saturday night from March to August, but book tickets in advance as they are regularly sold out. During this 2-hour river cruise, you get an open bar, drinking games, a photographer, DJ, and a VIP after-party.

#8 Ask for the price of a drink 

When ordering drinks, it is essential to ask for the price. Because if you only ask for, say, a “vodka and coke”, they will give you the most expensive vodka possible. If you ask for the price, you will get the house brand.

Check out this complete guide on Warsaw Scams to watch out for.

Don’ts of Warsaw Nightlife

#1 Don’t Visit Strip Clubs 

As in any city, it’s advisable to approach strip clubs cautiously, but in Warsaw, it’s best not to go at all. Most establishments have questionable practices, like overcharging and taking advantage of drunk guests, and tourists are especially targeted. If you decide to visit a strip club, be aware of potential scams and only bring cash, do not pay via credit card.

Scam Warsaw

#2 Don’t Use Unlicensed Taxi Services 

When it’s time to head back to your accommodation, be cautious of unlicensed taxi services. Stick to official taxi stands or use ride-sharing apps like Uber or Bolt to ensure a safe and reliable journey.

Avoid accepting rides from unmarked vehicles or individuals approaching you on the street, as they will charge you ten times the amount.

#3 Don’t Drink in Public

Unlike neighbouring Germany, public drinking is not allowed in Warsaw(except o some parts of the river). Avoid drinking alcohol in public spaces to avoid fines or potential legal issues. 

#4 Don’t Sleep on the Street

This one should be common sense. If you end up too drunk on the streets of Warsaw and decide to take a quick nap on the park bench, the city police can hit you with a 500zl fine and lock you up for the night. 

#5 Dont talk or look at Security 

Security guards in Poland are known to be extra aggressive and can cause more issues than they solve, so stay away. 

#6 Don’t use Most Currency Exchange Services 

When exchanging currency in Warsaw, opt for reputable and licensed exchange services. Avoid 24-hour currency exchanges that may offer unfavourable rates.

Nearly all bars, clubs and restaurants in Krakow accept card so you usually do not even need to change money.

Money Exchange

#7 Be Mindful of Your Valuables 

Pickpocketing can occur in crowded nightlife areas in Warsaw, so keeping an eye on your belongings is essential. Avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash. All bars and clubs take cards.

#7 Don’t pay with 200zl notes 

There is always a shortage of change at bars and clubs in Warsaw; if you pay with 200zl notes, you might leave a bigger tip than you would like to.

#8 Don’t have any nose beers  

As tempting as it may seem to buy some drugs or a random person on the street in Warsaw, it’s best to decline as 99% of the time, what they are selling is not what they say it is and will most likely be Methadone. 

Dos & Don’ts of Warsaw Nightlife

#1 Spiritus

This strong liquor can elicit a love-hate relationship. At 95% alcohol, it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.

#2 Order Every Vodka Flavour 

Challenge yourself to order and drink every flavour of vodka. There are numerous delightful Polish vodkas, but perhaps trying them all in one night isn’t the best idea. Or join a Vodka tasting tour.

#3 Enjoy the After-Hours Clubs

If you’re a night owl, Warsaw has a vibrant after-hours club scene that caters to those who want to dance until the early hours. The best late-night Techno clubs are Luzztro Smolna and Kultura Techno.

Now it’s time to Explore Warsaw’s Nightlife.

Warsaw’s nightlife scene is diverse, dynamic, and filled with exciting experiences. By following the dos and don’ts outlined here, you can make the most of your night on the town while ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

 Embrace the city’s rich culture, engage with locals, and explore the unique venues that make Warsaw’s nightlife truly unforgettable.

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Warsaw, the vibrant capital of Poland, offers a thrilling and diverse nightlife scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for trendy bars, pulsating nightclubs, or ...